Most communications agencies will tell you more or less the same. Let me tell you MORE! These are the differences I make:


Authentic Communications

These challenging times demand a fresh approach to the way we communicate. I introduce the concept of Authentic Communications. Closer to people: clear, clever and social. Aimed at getting results with the emphasis on building long-term relationships and results. Authentic Communications consists of these four elements: “Vision”, “Strategy”, “Identity” and “Content”. Flexible and budget proof. For more details and examples of successful projects please contact Alfred Jansen. Information in Dutch.


The Manifesto

I re-invented the Manifesto as an effective and direct communication tool. Actually, building a modern-style Manifesto will make it far easier to know how, when and where to communicate your business or project, internally and externally. Forget missions, visions, corporate stories and related corporate blabla with a limited reach and life span. Get back to basics and use the Manifesto as your “Call to Action”. Download the brochure (in Dutch) or contact me for the English summary.


Media and Content production

A different approach to communications – Authentic and SEO-friendly – requires a fresh look at the way you build your content. I put some of my experiences together in the brochure “22x content” which is in Dutch. Content needs a relevant and effective context so I produce any type of media in line within the Authentic Communications context. Happy to make you an authentic offer.


Authentic, but not average. My wide scope: 

  • I’m the #1 advisor when it comes to long-term communication activities to a wide range of businesses and organisations. My activities range from developing long-term strategies based on my Authentic Communications concept to producing relevant and effective media and content for short-term activities and projects.
  • I offer daily support to companies when it comes to their communication activities, varying from interim management on retainer basis to organising, producing and supporting specific projects and events on a project basis.
  • My corporate background will be valuable in assisting larger companies in their daily communication activities, and in very specific and demanding professional matters, for instance with identity, reputation and crisis issues.
  • I offer a practical, experience-based approach, not just based on theory and knowledge in all areas of communication. It will be hard to beat my experience.
  • I operate in a diverse range of sectors and business formats. Working out of the box comes as standard. The results will be surprising and help you make your mark.


Experience, knowledge and network:

  • My extensive experience in communications in the high-end retail and luxury sector, in an advisory role but also as a content and media producer.
  • My wide spectrum of projects ranging from the introduction of a new car brand in the Benelux countries to supporting business and agencies in the creative sector in developing (social) media strategies.
  • Business-to-consumer and business-to-business.
  • My network of ambitious and successful brands and businesses keeps growing, on both local and international level.
  • Focus on long-term relationships.
  • My familiarity with growing smaller and medium-sized businesses in their communications activities.
  • My understanding of crisis, reputation and identity management.



I am the founder of Alfred Jansen Communicatie, a corporate communications and media/content agency. I bring a unique combination of experiences, from both the corporate environment and the communications/media world. In 2011 I decided to bring my experiences together in my own operation, using the Authentic Communications approach. To me, each client is unique, and each project is an opportunity to grow. Please check my LinkedIn page for all details.