Authentic Communication: the clever way to communicate

  With the massive use of online communication many organisations are now looking for new strategies. Long-term communication has to be clear (transparent) in order to be understood. It has to stay manageable, so you know how to get the best results. Next step is to connect communication with who you are and who you want to reach. This very basic philosophy has resulted in my Authentic Communication approach. So, what is the difference with existing communication concepts and how does it work? To start with, the old sender-receiver principle is no longer sufficient. These days, we are both sender and receiver at the same time. The “old” media are just as valuable, but have to share their role with online and mobile media. We now have more opportunities to reach people, we are way quicker and there are not many geographical boundaries left. So our approach needs to change, combining the old communication principles with new possibilities to achieve long-term results. And we move from abstract to authentic. My “Authentic Communication” approach is based on a strategic analysis, using these four elements: vision, strategy, identity and content. Vision In order to be successful you will have to start with a well-defined vision, regardless of the type of organisation, project or product. The communication process begins with defining this vision, if it hasn’t been sufficiently defined or redefined to the current situation. Next we translate the vision into a communicable story – a Manifesto. For larger organisations, it is important to first create support internally for the vision. Today, every employee is also a communications officer. I would suggest my clients to create support internally by organising a Manifest Session. Strategy Next, the vision will be translated into a communications strategy. You’ll have to set realistic goals. The communications strategy is similar to your business plan (including the vision), but it has been made transparent. Your strategy needs support internally so once again, you first communicate inside the organisation before you start going public. Internal commitment and motivation is the main issue in this phase. Identity Your identity is crucial. How do you want to look? How do you communicate? How are you perceived? Organisations are just like private persons in the way they address other people or organisations (stakeholders). You are held accountable for your behaviour. Social media are based on that principle. So it is important to be as open and honest as possible, and add maximum value to your message. Your communication is one of your USPs (Unique Selling Points). During a Manifest Session we will be able to fine-tune your identity and develop the ground rules. Content Transfer of information requires more than technical tools. You will have to be very practical and as authentic as you can possibly be. Following the “Identity” phase you translate that into content and tone-of-voice, with language, images and graphic elements. You will want to create the most effective mix of communications tools. You will also have to consider budget, timing and coordination. When all fit together, you will have a complete and functional setup of your communication. For more information contact Alfred Jansen.  

The Manifesto

I re-invented the Manifesto as an effective and direct communication tool. Actually, building a modern-style Manifesto will make it far easier to know how, when and where to communicate your business or project – internally and externally. Forget about missions, visions, corporate storytelling and related one-dimensional blabla with its limited reach and life span. Get back to reality and use the Manifesto as your “Call to Action”. Download the brochure (in Dutch) or contact me for the English summary.


Authentic Communication is more than developing an authentic strategy. Therefore I also offer a number of supporting disciplines, both for online and offline use.
  • Planning and guidance
  • Text production
  • Graphics and corporate identity
  • Photography
  • Media production, offline and online (magazines, brochures, web content)

Manifestations: the international diversity projects planned for 2015

Based on the successful “Open Mind” and “Macaroni Club” concepts, the ambition is to increase the scope of both. In the long term the aim is to realise an international network of connecting diversity projects. Click on the picture below to download the international project plan. Contact Alfred Jansen for the more detailed Open Mind and Macaroni Club presentations. AJC-projects-int-2015-1   Bio Alfred Jansen I am the founder of Alfred Jansen Communicatie, a corporate communications and media/content agency. I bring a unique combination of experiences, from both the corporate environment and the communications/media world. In 2011 I decided to bring my experiences together in my own operation, exclusively using the Authentic Communications approach. To me, each client is unique, and each project is an opportunity to grow. Please check my LinkedIn page for all details.

Making your mark  

  • I’m an expert when it comes to long-term communication activities of a wide range of businesses and organisations. My activities range from developing long-term strategies based on my Authentic Communications concept to producing relevant and effective media and content. Highly experienced in organizing events with a human touch.
  • I offer daily support to companies when it comes to their communication activities, varying from interim management on a retainer basis to organising, producing and supporting specific projects and events on a project basis.
  • My corporate background will be valuable in assisting larger companies in their daily communication activities, and in very specific and demanding professional matters, for instance with identity, reputation and crisis issues.
  • I offer a practical, experience-based approach, not just based on theory and knowledge in all areas of communication. It will be hard to beat my experience.
  • I operate in a diverse range of sectors and business formats. Working out of the box comes as standard. The results will be surprising and help you make your mark.